Adding Unexpected Color to Your New Jersey Home with Paint

Summer Lake House

In the design world bigger or bolder isn’t always better. Often times it is the little touches that make a space really sing. Today we’ve got some great ideas for how to bring small bursts of color into your home with interior paint. Keep reading, and see which one inspires you to make a change!

Accent Wall

Dallas, TX: Lyndsey & Steve

For years people have been loving the ease and instant dose of personality accent walls bring into their homes. Of course you don’t have to stick to painting the wall a solid color. Experiment with a single wall using faux finish techniques, stripes, a single large circle, or chalkboard paint.

Painted Backsplash

Sunnyside Road Residence Kitchen

If your kitchen doesn’t have a tiled backsplash, the space between your countertop and upper cabinets is the perfect place to add a splash of color. We especially love how these homeowners pulled that mint green paint color into the back of the open shelving.

Paint Your Trim a Color Other Than White

Simplifying in the Suburbs

Glossy, white trim is a classic look that allows your wall color to take center stage. Painting your trim a color other than white is a quick way to make those hard working baseboards and casings shine and allows you to keep your walls a neutral color.

A Bold Window Seat

Port Bristol Custom

If you are lucky enough to have a window seat in your home, why not frame out this architectural detail with a fresh coat of interior paint in a fantastic color? This is a great opportunity to repeat an accent color in a room.

Paint an Interior Door

East Hampton Cottage

Just like with trim, white is the default color for most interior doors. But doors are a quick and easy place to experiment with color, especially in a bathroom, mudroom, or entryway. Of course if you’re ready for a dramatic change, you could make the leap and paint all of your interior doors black.

Are you feeling inspired to work a little more color into your home? We are here to help! Give us a call today to book your appointment.