Using Primer In Your New Jersey Home

We talk a lot about painting. But there is a step that comes before paint that can make the difference between a paint job turning out just okay and one that looks great. We’re talking about using primer. Read More→

Selecting a Paint Roller Cover

One of the most useful tools in a painter’s toolbox is a paint roller. Rollers make it possible to apply paint to large surfaces quickly with less waste and a smooth finish, but it requires picking the appropriate cover for your surface. Read More→

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Bedwyn Kitchen

Looking for a way to update your kitchen? Is a full remodel beyond your budget? Get ready to see your kitchen in a whole new light!

Updating your cabinets with paint is a simple way to transform the look of your kitchen without the expense or hassle of a full remodel. Whether you are dreaming of classic white cabinets or something a little more colorful, a refreshed space is just a can of paint away. Read More→

Interior Color Schemes To Consider When Decorating

Do you want a home that looks effortlessly pulled together? One like you see in your favorite decorating magazines in which the colors seem to mix perfectly? Those interiors that look so effortless probably took a good bit of planning, most likely by a professional decorator. If you’re struggling to hit the right combination and balance of color in a space, you might consider borrowing a few tricks from the professionals! Read More→

How To Paint With A Roller

painting a wall

Have you ever stepped back from your freshly painted wall and noticed streaks, drips, or roller lines? Nothing is more frustrating than working hard on a painting project only to have the final results be less than what you were hoping for! If you’ve noticed imperfections like the ones described above on your walls, we’ve got some tips to help improve your paint rolling skills. Read More→

Improve Your Home With These Quick Painting Projects

Great Rooms & Family Rooms

There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes from keeping your home looking its best. Sometimes that means taking on a big project that claims an entire weekend or even spans multiple weekends, but one of the most thrilling types of home improvement projects is the one you can complete in an afternoon. To help you capture those happy post-project feelings we’ve identified a few spots around your home that might be in need of a quick paint refresh. Read More→

Injecting Personality to Your Dining Room with Color

Does your dining room feel like a warm and inviting space perfect for sharing a meal with loved ones, or is it currently lacking personality? With the holidays quickly approaching there will be plenty of opportunities to gather together. Why not bring some color into your dining room to showcase your personal taste and make your guests feel at home? Whether you are ready to make a bold statement or just want a splash of color, we’ve got a way for you to take your dining room from dull to exciting. Read More→

Creating the Perfect Nursery with Paint

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for the arrival of a new baby is dreaming up the perfect nursery for them to come home to. This room is as much for the new parents as it is for the baby. After all, you’ll be spending many late nights and early mornings in the space, so you’ll want it to feel as fun and comfortable as possible!

Read More→

Why Black is the Perfect Color for Interior Doors

Contemporary Bedroom

Photo by BNL Interior Design

Painting interior doors white has become standard practice in homes. In fact, it is so common that we’re willing to bet most homeowners haven’t considered that their interior doors, just like their walls, can be any color they choose! One of the trends we’ve noticed popping up more the last few years are interior doors painted black. While we still love a glossy white door, we hope this decorating trend is stays, and here’s why: Read More→

Using Glazes in Your Next Interior Paint Project

Have you ever wondered how professional painters get such striking results when creating faux finishes? If you’ve ever experimented with layering paint colors in your home’s interior and been disappointed in the results, we’re going to let you in on a trade secret for creating flawless faux finishes every time. Read More→