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What Makes a Good Painter for Condos and HOA’s?

Cherry Hill Painting is a good choice for condos and HOA's

When you hire a painter to work on a single-family home, it’s important that you choose someone who is reputable, reliable, and skilled. However, when the project involves multi-unit housing, whether that is apartments, condos, townhomes or HOA’s, that importance is multiplied!

So, when you need a commercial painting contractor for your HOA or condo, what should you look for?

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Painting Gyms and Fitness Centers in NJ

Our painters love to spend time working out in gyms… painting, that is! Bicep curls with the paintbrush, squats to paint down near the floor, stair stepping on our ladders, hundreds of reps a day; it’s no wonder the gym looks so trim and attractive!

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What Makes a Good Commercial Painting Contractor? New Jersey Painting Tips

commercial painting New JerseyWhile commercial painting has a lot of overlap with residential painting, in reality the two services are also quite different. The tools and methods used in homes often don’t apply to a commercial painting project. What are some of the differences? Read More→

Which Season Is Optimal For Exterior Painting?

Front view of freshly painted home in summer during evening timeAs we enter into the cooler fall months here in Southern New Jersey, you may be eyeballing your home’s exterior and wondering if you have time to brush on a fresh coat of paint before the snow falls. Now that the heat has subdued, outdoor projects may seem a little less daunting, but you still have questions: Can you paint in cooler weather? What about rain and snow? How cold is too cold to paint outside? Many professionals suggest that you stop exterior painting before the month of November in Northern states and no later than December in Southern states.

But, for a more detailed answer, here are a few guidelines and painting tips pertaining to what season and weather is best for painting the exterior of your Southern New Jersey home.

The Thermostat Rules– Paint technology has advanced in recent years and exterior paint can now be used successfully in cooler conditions. Many latex paints can now be properly applied in temperatures as low as 40 degrees, but be sure to check the temperature guidelines on your paint before purchasing. Some paint companies, such as Sherwin Williams paints, have a line of products specifically designed to work well in lower temperatures.

It is also crucial to consider both the daytime and overnight temps. Even though daytime temps may be suitable for your painting projects, your paint is still drying long after you lay down your brush for the night. Make sure to take nighttime lows into consideration as well when contemplating applying your fresh exterior paint colors.

Moisture Matters– For your paint to properly adhere and cure, it is essential that you paint in dry conditions. Even evening and overnight dew can mess up a great paint job.  Before applying paint to your home’s exterior, check the surface to be painted. If it feels in any way damp to the touch, wait it out; drier is always better. As a rule, never paint within 24 hours of heavy rain or in foggy weather. When it comes to moisture it is better to be wise than waste your time.

Exterior painting projects can be intimidating so you may be thinking of leaving it to the professionals. When looking for a company to paint your home’s exterior with your selected paint colors, make sure that they are following these rules as well as the manufacturer’s temperature guidelines. You want to ensure that your contractor’s biggest concern is the quality of the painting project and not their bottom line.

Here at Cherry Hill Painting, we watch the weather to ensure that our work will leave your home’s exterior looking beautiful in every season. Call us for an estimate, we would love to talk with you about how our team can transform your home’s exterior this autumn.

Considering New Paint for Your Home?

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The What and Why Of Eco-Friendly Paint Brands

Painting with green paint on grey background

It’s easy to go out and buy a can of paint in the precise paint color of your choice. It’s harder, however, to decipher which can of paint not only jives with your interior design ideas, but is a green, eco-safe choice as well. You may find yourself wondering, what is wall paint made out of, anway? Is it a safe choice for my family? And what, exactly, should I be looking for when shopping for an eco-friendly paint?

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when looking for paint brands that are not only beautiful and durable but kind to our earth and Southern New Jersey environment as well.

What is paint made of out of? Paint is made of two basic components, the pigment, which provides the color for your paint, and the binder, which carries the pigment so you can easily apply it to your work surface. However, these two basics are often accompanied by a variety of chemicals, additives and solvents which were designed to enhance finish and ease of application. It is in these additives that the dangers and toxins in your paint often lie.

What are VOCs? – VOCs (or Volatile Organic Compounds) are solvents that are released into the air as your wall paint dries and according to the Environment Protection Agency, some VOCs are carcinogenic and potentially dangerous. The government has a set limit for the amount of VOCs that are permitted for each paint finish. However, some companies have taken the eco-friendly initiative to start producing paints with cleaner, lower VOC content that contain less or even no VOCs to protect the air quality in your home.

What are some Green Paint Choices? If you’re looking for low or no VOC paint options, just browse the aisles of your local home improvement warehouse or specialty paint store. There you will find a big selection of eco-friendly paint brands for your green painting project. You can buy Aura in any shade of Benjamin Moore paint colors, which is a zero VOC paint in an only slightly higher price point. Another eco-friendly option is Behr Premium Plus, a Behr paint with zero VOCs and an easy to apply, durable finish.

We all want to do our best to care for our families and preserve our southern New Jersey environment. With so many eco-friendly paint choices on the market and with options by Behr paint and Benjamin moore paint colors, it’s easy to be green and environmentally responsible in your painting projects. If you are looking for a reliable, professional painting company to tackle your interior design ideas or exterior projects we would love to consult with you. Give us a call and allow us to transform your home in the cleanest, most eco-friendly way possible.

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Looking for Deck Staining Tips in Laurel Creek Moorsetown, NJ?

Does Your Deck Need a New Coat of Stain?

As school ends and summer starts, you turn your attention to the different spring and early summer projects you want to accomplish. As you spend more time outdoors, you also become aware of winter’s effect on your home’s exterior.

In today’s deck staining tips we are going to look at a few tools and methods to restain your decks and exterior wood surfaces.

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Commercial Painting and Rust Treatment in Cinnaminson, NJ

Your building’s exterior faces a lot of wear and tear no matter where you’re located, but here on the northern half of the East Coast there seem to be no shortage of factors fighting against the integrity of your siding and paint. Especially during the winter when there is salt, snow, and trapped moisture to deal with, your facility needs all the assistance it can get. Read More→