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How Can You Protect Your Exterior Paint This Winter?

It may not feel like it just yet, but fall is around corner.

This is really your last window of opportunity to make sure your exterior painting project is buttoned up tightly before winter (you can paint outdoors for a couple more months, but your painter’s schedule will likely fill up soon!). Fall provides even, cool temperatures that can be perfect for painting, especially since many modern paint formulas can adhere perfectly in chillier weather. Read More→

What Is Wood Rot, and How Can You Protect Your New Jersey Home?

What if we told you that a wood-munching fungus is consuming sections of your home?

Well, unfortunately, this is more than likely the case. With the right proactive knowledge and care, however, you can eliminate the problem before it does serious damage. Read More→

Exterior Painting and Maintenance Checklist for Your New Jersey Home

We all know that maintenance is a good thing. It’s why we go to the dentist, change our car’s oil, mow the lawn before the grass turns into a field… You get the idea.

Catching problems early makes solving those problems easier! Read More→

Why Doing Your Homework Is Essential Before Hiring Painters

cherry-hill-certified-paintersSummer has settled in all across New Jersey, which means picking cherries, barbequing with friends and taking the kids to Cooper River Park. Along with warm weather, summer can also bring yard work and a massive list of home repair and exterior painting projects. Read More→

Painting Tips For Fast, Full-Value Home Resale


Summer is the season for open houses and, as the New Jersey weather warms up, “For Sale” signs will start popping up faster than spring flowers. Perhaps you are considering listing your home this summer, and just the thought of getting your home ready for showings has you ready for a nap. Selling your home can be a daunting task no matter how organized you are, but with a little help from your friends here at Cherry Hill Painting, perhaps it won’t be so bad after all. Read More→

Painting Tips and Home Decorating Ideas for Wallpaper Removal and Selection

For a solid decade, wallpaper was synonymous with outdated and tacky. It called to mind visions of teapot borders and grandma’s floral bathroom complete with pink carpet and tile. Many homes still feature this dated wallpaper and are in need of a makeover. Sadder still is the fact that some dated wallpaper has even been painted over with a new paint color, leaving a seam-laden, bubbly eye sore. cherry-hill-painting-wallpaper-removal

To be fair, we do not want throw wallpaper out the window completely; it can be done tastefully and look beautiful. New, modern wallpaper is growing as a home decorating trend as it easily adds style and definition to your Cherry Hill, NJ home. Simply put, this modern wallpaper is not tacky in the least. (Okay well, it IS tacky because it’s covered in paste and glue, but you know what we mean.)

To help you delve deeper into the wide world of wallpaper, our professional painters have put together some painting tips from removing old wallpaper as well as selecting a new print that works with your interior decorating style.

When to Remove

If your wallpaper is bubbling, peeling or just plain driving you crazy, it is time to part ways and exchange it for a fresh paint color or wall covering. Life is too short to put up with ugly wallpaper.

Wallpaper Removal

We will be honest with you, this can a messy business and each job is unique. Depending on the glue and methods used to adhere your old wallpaper, removal may be a snap or a huge, time consuming mess. This is a job best left to the pros with professional painting tools and removal techniques. Our painters specialize in this and would love to make your ugly, peeling wallpaper disappear like magic.


If, rather than removing it, you are looking to add wallpaper to your home’s interior, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pick a Print– If you would like a printed or patterned wallpaper, keep in mind that it will set the tone for the rest of your space, including your paint colors. Large graphic prints will add boldness and visual interest while modern florals can add an earthy whimsy.
  • Try Texture– While prints are the most widely popular choice, there are a myriad of other options and items to consider as well, such as texture. Woven grass, wood grain or metallic finishes are fantastic as they add a neutral, visual interest.
  • Play With Light– Be sure to keep the lighting in your room in mind as you select your new wall covering. In darker rooms, such as hallways or windowless spaces, select a light finish that will reflect light rather than absorb it.

Give Us a Call

Our professional painters are experts in all things wallpaper, from installation to removal and everything in between. We use only the best products and painting tools and will be sure to care for and protect your Philadelphia, PA home as we work. Contact us today and allow us to bring your home decorating ideas to life.

Six Damage-Free, No-Nail Holiday Home Decorating Ideas

When the holidays roll around, it’s normal to have big aspirations for seasonal home decorating. A simple online search will give you more interior decorating ideas than you can shake a candy cane at. Unfortunately, sometimes the practical can get in the way of the creative. For example, you may have ideas that you are anxious to try for fear of putting too many nail holes in your wall paint job.


We believe that the walls of your Philadelphia, PA home should be the backdrop for your life, including your prized artwork, family photos and yes, holiday decorations.

While nail holes aren’t the enemy, we understand your desire to deck your halls without ruining your paint color. Fear not, here are six of the best ideas out there for damage-free interior decorating ideas that your walls and woodwork will thank you for.


  1. Brick Hooks- If you want to hang stockings, ornaments, wreaths or christmas cards on your fireplace but don’t want any holes, then these nifty brick hooks are for you. With tiny teeth and spring action, these clips fasten between your bricks for damage-free decorating power that holds up to 25 lbs of stocking stuffers and trinkets.
  2. Adhesive Hooks– The advent of adhesive hooks and clips has drastically changed the way we think about organizing and decorating. Most brands guarantee completely damage-free hanging and offer products in a variety of sizes and colors. Before you head to the store to stock up on these holiday-savers, consider the weight of what you want to hang. No one wants to see your heirloom holiday favorites in pieces on the floor.  
  3. Banister Clips– A festive banister is a classy addition to any home for the holidays; nail holes are not. Sure, you could use twine or lightweight wire, but that’s old school; instead, stock up on banister clips. These clear, plastic hooks click neatly around your banister and give you an easy, damage-free way to display your festive garland, bows, stockings and Christmas lights.
  4. Stocking Weights– At Christmas, mantles and stockings go together like milk and christmas cookies. To hang your stockings without nailing into your mantle, purchase decorative stocking weights to hold up your stockings with style. A warning: be sure not to overload your mantle on Christmas Eve by checking into what your stocking weights can hold.
  5. Washi Tape– Holiday cards connect us with friends and family across the miles, so in order to feel like we are celebrating the holidays with them, we need a unique way to display cards without ruining our paint jobs. Try washi tape. This whimsical, colorful tape can be found at nearly any major retailer and will hang your holiday cards and photos with damage-free ease so you can admire them each night as you walk by sipping eggnog.
  6. Tension Rods– If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your windows or doorways without harming your woodwork, try using tension rods. Using the correct width, place them in your windows to support wreaths, garland and more.

There you have it: six ways to deck your halls while loving your walls. Speaking of walls, if a fresh paint color is at the top of your holiday wish list, give us a call. Our team of professional painters would love to get your Cherry Hill, NJ home ready for the holidays by fleshing out your home decorating ideas with a new coat of paint.  


Six Ceiling Painting Tips To Refresh Your “Fifth Wall”

Small studio apartment in a London centre

Look up for a minute and take it all in. It’s okay, we will be here when you’re finished…

Odds are that, if you are indoors in your Philadelphia, PA home, you were just staring at your ceiling. Did you like what you saw or was it dingy, dirty and home to a cobweb or two?

Sometimes referred to as the fifth wall, ceilings are often overlooked when we plot our interior design ideas. Don’t worry, we are not here to judge, but rather save the day… in fact, you could call us the superheroes of the ceiling.

Check out these five color guidelines and painting tips as you prepare to show your ceiling some much needed love.


  1. Mood– What sort of atmosphere are you hoping to create in your room? Light and airy? Dramatic and intimate? The answers to these questions can guide you as you choose your ceiling paint color. To create the illusion of space in a smaller room, white ceilings are the way to go. If you are looking to add drama and draw the eye upward, consider using a deeper or brighter color on your ceilings, especially if you are working with neutral gray or white walls.
  1. Wall color– Before you paint your fifth wall, consider the wall paint color of the other four. If you are working with a lighter wall color, think about continuing it onto your ceilings. This creates a cohesive feeling and can serve to provide definition in your space, especially if your room has unique architectural features. Using two different colors can create an attractive contrast between your walls and ceiling. To simplify this process and create balance, consider diluting your wall paint color with white at a ratio of 75% white and 25% wall color.
  1. Light– How much natural light are you getting in your space? Before choosing a paint color you should always consider your lighting. For rooms with less natural light, white ceilings are your best choice because they reflect the light that is coming into the room naturally. This gives your room a brighter, roomier feeling and provides more breathing room for your mind’s eye.  
  1. Definition of Space- Think about your molding, woodwork, or ceiling beams for a minute. What are they doing to provide a natural shape and definition for your room? Use this as you brainstorm interior design ideas and ceiling paint colors. These architectural details make it easy to decide where to stop and start your wall and ceiling paint colors.

Painting your ceiling is an easy way to refresh your room and change or enhance the ambiance of your space but it requires a decent amount of prep work to protect your room, furniture, and floors. Save yourself some time this fall and give our team of professional painters a call. Take a look through our portfolio of interior painting projects and see for yourself just what we can do to enhance and beautify your Cherry Hill, NJ home before your holiday guests arrive.

Transform Your Garage Door In 6 Easy Steps

Black garage and entrance door at white houseFor most Southern New Jersey homes, the street-facing garage door is a focal point of the home’s curb appeal. But what do you do when your garage door starts to look faded or dingy? You could always give it a thorough wash-down, but it may be time to freshen it up with a brand new paint job. Call a quality, knowledgeable paint company to help you select a few exterior house colors that will enhance the look of your home and take care of the job. Or, if you’d like to try your hand at DIY garage door painting, use these painting tips to get the job done.

Supplies & Painting Tools

Exterior Paint + Primer (must be compatible with the surface of your garage door)
Drop cloths
Paint Brush (2 – 2 ½ Inches)
Paint Cup or Bucket
Painter’s Tape

  1. Clean It– For any painting job, it’s essential to start with a clean surface so, using a bucket and sponge, clean your garage door and ensure it’s free of dirt and debris that would spoil the finish of your project.
  2. Tape it– Use painter’s tape to protect the garage door frame, trim (You can paint that later) and the siding of your home from a wayward brush or roller. Lay drop cloths or brown paper down underneath your garage door to protect your driveway from drips.
  3. Panels First– With your brush and paint cup start out by painting the recesses and panels on your garage door, moving in a neat, consistent direction. Begin in the recesses and move to the the panels doing one area at a time. Be sure to avoid drips.
  4. Cut in– Now, using your brush, cut in the perimeter of your garage door starting in the corners and moving on to the sides and top portion.
  5. Roll it– Pour the leftover paint from your cup and can into your paint tray and roll the remainder of your door. Do a second coat if needed.
  6. Paint the Frame & Trim– Going back to a brush, use matching or coordinating exterior paint colors to paint the frame and trim around your garage door. Start in the corners of the frame and then move on to the sides and top. Next, paint your trim starting at the edge where it meets the siding of your home and then move on to paint the face.

Using these six easy steps you can transform the curb appeal of your Southern New Jersey home. However, if you’d rather put your feet up while still enjoying the benefits of a new paint job, let us take care of your garage door paint project. Our friendly, experienced team would love to help you turn your shabby garage door into a home entryway that reflects the pride and hard work you put into your home.

Considering New Paint for Your Home?

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Preserve Your Wall Paint: Troubleshooting Mess, Scuffs and Stains

cleaning products

Whether it’s a soothing paint color or funky wallpaper, your wall painting sets the tone for life in your Southern, NJ or Philadelphia, PA area home. But they reflect the stories told in your home as well; they tell the tale of muddy days, missteps and spaghetti experiments. No matter how careful you are, the inevitable will happen to your walls. Not just the expected dust and cobwebs, but scuff marks, fingerprints and random stains from the wear and tear of daily life. So, how do you care for your dirty walls and restore them to their former glory without hauling out your painting tools and recoating?

Here are some wall-cleaning tips from basic upkeep to complicated stains that will keep you loving your interior paint colors for years.

Basic Cleaning– You may have noticed some dusty spots while curled up on the couch with your favorite book. No worries, this is a simple fix that can be easily taken care of during spring cleaning or in an afternoon’s work. First dust your walls using a dry, swiffer-style floor pad. As it is already on a stick, it will help you reach up to the ceilings with ease. Follow up by wiping them down with a well-wrung-out sponge and your favorite, gentle cleaning product. Consider covering your carpeted floors with a sheet if drips are a concern.

Wallpaper Care– Wallpaper differs in finish as it does in pattern, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting to clean it. With wallpaper, it is always better to clean them with the least amount of moisture possible, especially at the seams. Use a dry sponge to remove dust and remove stains gently, avoiding any harsh cleaners or chemicals.

Fingerprints– Does your house look like a crime scene, full of fingerprints? Protect your well-chosen painting and decorating ideas. Skip the scrubbing and let a standard piece of white chalk do all the work. Rub the fingerprints with the white chalk softly, on an angle, so as not to scratch your walls. Then let it sit for 5 minutes and it will absorb the oil. When the time is up, wipe up the chalk with a dry, microfiber cloth. Then, add a little water to the cloth for a final wipe and presto! No more prints.

Flat and low gloss paint– Flat paint is designed for ceilings and low traffic areas and as such it can be difficult to clean when stains come in to play. A magic eraser can work wonders on many marks and scuffs. However if things are a little greasy and your stain has soaked into the paint you may want to consider touching it up with a fresh spot of paint as your easiest solution.

Scuff Marks– If you have a school eraser on hand, try using that to remove scuff marks off your walls. Start with a gentle rub and see if that removes the residue, monitor the paint finish to be sure that it’s not being damaged at all.

Stains and scuffs are as diverse as the homes they happen in, so if the above tips do not work out, give us a call. Our professional painters would love to help you with some troubleshooting and discuss a fresh coat of easy to clean, semi-gloss paint to cover your stubborn stains and bring vibrant life back to the walls of your Southern, NJ or Philadelphia, PA home.

Considering New Paint for Your Home?

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