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Can Fresh Interior Paint Help You Sell Your New Jersey Home?

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in NJ – Looking for a Stylish Color?

Are you considering painting your kitchen cabinets?

If you love the general layout, functionality, and condition of your cabinets, painting or refinishing may be all you need to create an entirely new look. The process offers many of the benefits of a remodel but in less time, and often with less expense than you’d accumulate during a pull-and-replace cabinet update. Read More→

High-Value Painting and Remodeling Improvements for Your NJ Home

If your New Jersey home is going on the market this spring, you likely are trying to find the very best ways to make sure it sells quickly. From cleaning indoors to manicuring the landscaping, the goal is to help your property stand out favorably from the competition. Read More→

6 Painting Tips To Give Your Small Spaces A Roomier Feel

16578633425_ffa7b3e08f_bLike most things in life, the rooms within your Philadelphia, PA home come in many shapes and sizes. From massive to miniscule, the size of your room plays a role in how you choose your wall paint. Choosing certain paint colors and techniques can create a more airy feeling in your space. It is a myth that all small spaces should receive the white paint treatment. Carefully chosen paint colors and well placed furnishings can increase the feeling of space and add style to your size-challenged rooms.

So, without further adieu, here are six painting tips and home decorating ideas to make your small rooms feel larger.


  1. Make it monochromatic– Use different shades of the same color throughout your room. Start with your wall paint and then move on to your throw pillows, window treatments, rugs and decor items. This will create a balance in your space.
  2. Focal wall with relief space- If vibrant, sharp colors are your inspiration, then by all means, use them! After all, it is YOUR small space. If you are inspired by brilliant blues or saucy reds, do a focal wall in your favorite shade and then continue to use it in artwork and accessories on neutral walls. This will create a cohesive vibe while leaving breathing room in the relief space.
  3. Mirrors and glass- Add mirrors to your walls or use glass or lucite tables near your couches or chairs. These reflect light, and allow the eye to see through some of your furniture, giving the feeling of openness.
  4. Similar shades unite– Use the same wall paint hues in different rooms in your home to create a sense of cohesion. This will connect your rooms and give the eye the feeling of openness and space that you crave.
  5. Don’t neglect your 5th and 6th walls– Your ceilings and floors are often referred to as your 5th and 6th walls. If using a neutral color such as a cool aqua or trendy gray, consider carrying your room color onto your ceiling. If using bold and vibrant paint colors on an accent wall, use them in your area rug as well to tie the room together.
  6. When in doubt, try it out– Most paint brands now offer a small 2 oz sample of their paint that is big enough to cover a 1’ x 2’ area of your wall. Take advantage of this option and try a few of your room painting ideas before you commit.

Take these home decorating ideas and painting tips and use them to rethink and revamp your home’s small spaces. You will be amazed at what they can do to add breathing space to cramped quarters. If you are still feeling unsure of how to proceed or need a little help fleshing out your room painting ideas, give us a call. We would love to transform the smaller rooms in your Cherry Hill, NJ home and use your room painting ideas to create the look you’ve been dreaming of.


Painting and Remodeling: How Much Does It Cost? Questions from Moorestown, NJ

The most common questions about painting and remodeling are questions about the cost of the project.
Cost questions are also the most challenging, however, because every house and situation is different. Even the best estimator cannot predict what you may find behind walls and under floors once the project is under  way.
Painting and remodeling in Moorestown, NJ

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Camden, NJ – 5 Space-Saving Ideas

Very few people have more kitchen space than they need. It would be a nice problem to have, but it’s just not often a reality.

The truth is, kitchens are a multi-functional area, serving as a food production site, mail room, coffee station, dining room, hang-out, meeting space, hardware store, study hall, and grocery department all rolled into one.

This kind of function calls for specialized design, don’t you think? Read More→

5 Interior Painting Tips for Burlington, NJ – How Do You Cut In?

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Water Damage Home Repairs and Restoration in Gloucester Counties

At Cherry Hill Painting, we are passionate about homes. This passion fills our professional painting and remodeling services, but it also extends into the area of water damage repairs and restoration.


Our ultimate goal is to help your home be the very best that it can be, and to perfectly represent your styles and tastes. We also know that home should be a comfortable, safe environment, and that when something unexpected and damaging happens, it can be an unsettling experience to say the least. This is why we are proud to offer restoration services. Read More→

Professional Wallpaper Removal in South Jersey

You know, leading up to the holidays you probably got a lot of reminders, both in stores and online, about the value of sprucing up your interior paint and decorations. After all, who doesn’t want their home to look its best when friends and family arrive?

But what about after the holidays?

Now that the season is quieter and a new calendar is hanging on your wall, it can be a lot of fun to turn an eye to those interior painting and home improvement projects that are done just for your own sake, and not with Aunt so-and-so in mind. Read More→

Home Remodeling and Painting – Creating an Elegant, Functional Space in Moorestown, NJ

The way you live in your home, and the way your home meets your needs, is a fluid experience. Certain spaces are used for certain stages of life, then they become something else. A bedroom, for example, might become an office, then a guest room, then maybe both before transforming once again.

Occasionally, however, spaces need to be changed in a more drastic way. Professional home remodeling can create a fresh canvas to work with, making a certain room or section of your house completely reborn, whether you’re working against an outdated look or simply need a specific function to be possible. Read More→