Making Your New Jersey Home Feel Brighter

Living Room

Let’s face it, the winter months can be hard! Cold weather and less daylight probably have you thinking longingly back to the sweltering summer months. Before you book a flight somewhere tropical we’ve got a few ideas to help your home feel brighter and happier without having to relocate.

Brightening Up Your New Jersey Home

  • Let the light in. Embrace the precious few hours of light with window treatments that allow as much light in as possible. Hang curtains high and wide so you aren’t blocking off any sunlight. If you need privacy, layer white sheers under your curtains.
  • Paint your walls in a light color. White will be the brightest and most reflective, but any light color will be an improvement over dark or midtone colors. Some of last year’s most popular colors are great options.
  • If you prefer a warmer color, consider exploring creams and yellows. You may beat the sun up, but a sunny yellow living room or kitchen will help your day get started on a cheerful note.
  • Give your home’s doors and trim a fresh coat of glossy white paint. Semi- or high-gloss finishes are a great way to make a space feel brighter. 
  • Add mirrors near windows or light sources to bounce light back into your space.
  • Check to see if your rooms are adequately lit. Having multiple light sources in every room eliminates dark corners and makes a space feel more inviting.

You don’t have to suffer through the dark days of winter. Use a few or all of these tips to help transform your New Jersey home into a bright sanctuary from the cold weather.