Painting Gyms and Fitness Centers in NJ

Our painters love to spend time working out in gyms… painting, that is! Bicep curls with the paintbrush, squats to paint down near the floor, stair stepping on our ladders, hundreds of reps a day; it’s no wonder the gym looks so trim and attractive!

As a commercial painting contractor, Cherry HillPaint your gym or fitness center to keep it looking great Painting serves all kinds of gymnasiums and fitness centers, including for schools, universities and community buildings. We are a reliable, well-established painting company, so you can be assured your facility will receive the best possible treatment.

Painting Services for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Refinish a basketball court as part of painting your gymThere are all kinds of services we can provide for athletic facilities, from floor to ceiling, inside and out:

  • Refinishing basketball courts and other wood surfaces
  • Epoxy flooring for locker rooms
  • Interior painting of drywall, masonry or metal
  • Structural steel ceiling painting
  • Painting of metal stairways, bathroom stall dividers, and lockers
  • Exterior painting of metal, masonry or wood
  • Power washing

One of the most important features of a workout facility or gymnasium is clean air. We can make sure to keep your clients breathing easy with eco-friendly, low-odor paint.

We also know that keeping a professional, attractive atmosphere is key to the success of a fitness center. That’s why we strive to provide beauty and durable protection in every part of every job!

Commercial Painting in New Jersey

Cherry Hill Painting provides a vast range of commercial painting services to our clients. We serve fitness centers, schools, hotels, HOA’s, corporate offices, industrial parks, restaurants, hospitals, and warehouses. We have been painting in this region for about half a century, and we plan to continue serving here for at least that long again!

If you are the facilities manager for a gymnasium, school, or fitness center, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your painting needs.