Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is a hard, dirty job. Luckily, you don’t have to go at it alone!


Applying wallpaper removal solution.

While wallpaper can be very attractive , it usually has a life span consistent with design trends. Once it has reached that point it has to come off for future finishes. There is no easy way to achieve this, and while many homeowners try to accomplish this on their own, they find that they grossly underestimate how much time is required just to prepare the room.Then begins the difficulty involved in the removal of wall coverings, which one can easily become overwhelmed with before the process even starts.

There are many ways to remove wall coverings such as chemicals, steamers,scraping,heat and water just to mention a few. Painstaking and frustrating at best for the amateur.Then once started they uncover a whole other discovery of additional layers of different papers through the years usually applied on substrates not properly given release coatings to help in the removal. This usually leads up to, let us just get the darn paper off the wall or ceilings any way we can, creating additional damage of which needs to be repaired before any other finish can be applied either paint or paper.

Cherry Hill Painting has the experience and know how in dealing with the removal of stubborn wallcoverings. Cherry Hill Painting uses techniques and processes to remove it without causing additional work, followed by preparing walls and ceilings for future finishes.

Wallpaper removal protection

Wallpaper removal protection

Recommendation! Leave it to the professionals!