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Painting Your Bathroom? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Bathrooms are unique spaces.

The environmental conditions and features not only make bathroom painting a tricky process in many cases, but there also is a high level of performance that’s demanded of the product you choose. Read More→

4 Tips for a Successful Bathroom Painting Project

The bathroom is a somewhat tricky room to paint. This isn’t only because of all the fixtures, cabinetry, and other roadblocks that need to be maneuvered around (although there certainly are plenty of those!), but also because bathroom paint is really put through the wringer.

This relatively little room experiences more temperature fluctuations, washing, chemicals, and general wear and tear than very possibly any other space in your home. And yet, it also holds some of the biggest potential for style. When it’s painted well it can be a bright spot, creating an environment that is truly unique and beautiful. Read More→