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Can I Paint Over Mold? NJ Painting Tips

Some molds are beneficial, such as Penicillium, which flavors blue cheese and was the first antibiotic! However, most of them are not something we want in our homes, especially if they are growing on the walls. Of course, cleaning is the obvious solution for mold, but what if you wanted to paint anyways; can you paint over mold?

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Painting Your Bathroom? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Bathrooms are unique spaces.

The environmental conditions and features not only make bathroom painting a tricky process in many cases, but there also is a high level of performance that’s demanded of the product you choose. Read More→

Adding Unexpected Color to Your New Jersey Home with Paint

Summer Lake House

In the design world bigger or bolder isn’t always better. Often times it is the little touches that make a space really sing. Today we’ve got some great ideas for how to bring small bursts of color into your home with interior paint. Keep reading, and see which one inspires you to make a change! Read More→

Using Primer In Your New Jersey Home

We talk a lot about painting. But there is a step that comes before paint that can make the difference between a paint job turning out just okay and one that looks great. We’re talking about using primer. Read More→

Improve Your Home With These Quick Painting Projects

Great Rooms & Family Rooms

There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes from keeping your home looking its best. Sometimes that means taking on a big project that claims an entire weekend or even spans multiple weekends, but one of the most thrilling types of home improvement projects is the one you can complete in an afternoon. To help you capture those happy post-project feelings we’ve identified a few spots around your home that might be in need of a quick paint refresh. Read More→

Creating the Perfect Nursery with Paint

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for the arrival of a new baby is dreaming up the perfect nursery for them to come home to. This room is as much for the new parents as it is for the baby. After all, you’ll be spending many late nights and early mornings in the space, so you’ll want it to feel as fun and comfortable as possible!

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4 Popular Colors to Consider for Interior Painting in NJ

Popular Interior Paint Colors of 2015

 There is a staggering variety of color to choose from when planning an interior renovation.
Photo courtesy of thisoldhouse.com

Photo courtesy of thisoldhouse.com

While the steadfast timelessness of creams, beiges, and off-whites often win out over more extreme colors, the colors recommended below can add depth, variety and character. There are more pictures, samples, and style suggestions available through the links attached to the color’s name.

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Painting and Remodeling: How Much Does It Cost? Questions from Moorestown, NJ

The most common questions about painting and remodeling are questions about the cost of the project.
Cost questions are also the most challenging, however, because every house and situation is different. Even the best estimator cannot predict what you may find behind walls and under floors once the project is under  way.
Painting and remodeling in Moorestown, NJ

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Camden, NJ – 5 Space-Saving Ideas

Very few people have more kitchen space than they need. It would be a nice problem to have, but it’s just not often a reality.

The truth is, kitchens are a multi-functional area, serving as a food production site, mail room, coffee station, dining room, hang-out, meeting space, hardware store, study hall, and grocery department all rolled into one.

This kind of function calls for specialized design, don’t you think? Read More→

5 Interior Painting Tips for Burlington, NJ – How Do You Cut In?

Have you ever watched an athlete perform some physical feat so effortlessly that you’ve been tempted to think you could do it yourself? After all, it looked so easy!

In reality, it was only effortless because countless hours of practice had taught every muscle to do exactly what it needed to at exactly the right time. It looked easy because they made it look easy! Read More→