Are White Kitchen Cabinets Hard to Keep Clean?

white kitchen cabinets can be cleaned easily

Crisp, clean, bright, and easy to match; white kitchen cabinets are popular for very good reasons. However, if you’ve ever worn white clothes, you know very well how hard it can be to keep white things looking crisp, clean and bright. So, is that the case with kitchen cabinets too? Is it hard to keep white cabinets clean?

If the outer surface of your cabinets is of high quality, it is not difficult to keep them clean. If they are painted white, it is important that the paint be a high-quality, semi-gloss or glossy enamel. That way, the white surface will resist staining, and will also hold up to repeated scrubbing. Many cabinets come from the factory with a white finish. Again, make sure it is a high-quality, preferably baked-on finish, rather than a cheap plastic coating. This will ensure the attractiveness of your kitchen cabinets for many years.

How to Clean White Kitchen Cabinets

When you clean any painted surface, the key is to use the least agressive method that is likely to be effective. Begin with a soft cloth or sponge that is dampened with warm water. This will take care of most common surface contaminants. Like most stains, the sooner you clean, the better.

If just water isn’t strong enough to clean the surfaces well, try doing it with a bit of dish soap. Another option is to mix a bit of white vinegar with water as a cleaning solution. However, do not use an abrasive scrubber, such as a brillo pad or a magic eraser, as these will gradually wear away the protective finish.

An Ounce of Prevention

An important part of keeping your white kitchen cabinets clean is by prevention. Every time you cook, particles of grease and food get into the air, and they settle over all your surfaces. Not only does this leave a film of grease, but it also causes dust and grime to stick in that grease. This makes white kitchen cabinets look dirty sooner, and it can make them harder to clean effectively.

The best way to combat airborne contaminants is by using your venting system as you cook. A properly functioning hood vent or downdraft vent will suck up the grease and steam and filter it so that it doesn’t fill the air in your kitchen.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

Many homeowners decide that, rather than purchasing new cabinets, they will paint their cabinets white. This is a fantastic way to save money and end up with a new look in your kitchen. However, you should be aware that painting your cabinets is not an easy thing to do well. The last thing you want is to end up with paint that is peeling or chipping and looking filthy in a year or two.

We would suggest hiring a house painting company that has a good reputation. We can paint your kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the cost of replacing them, and we can do so in a way that will be attractive and durable for many years.

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