What Is Wood Rot, and How Can You Protect Your New Jersey Home?

What if we told you that a wood-munching fungus is consuming sections of your home?

Well, unfortunately, this is more than likely the case. With the right proactive knowledge and care, however, you can eliminate the problem before it does serious damage.

What Is Wood Rot, and Where Can You Find It?

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It all starts when warm air, moisture, and a receptive surface come together. The wood rot fungus grows and begins to consume healthy wood fibers, destroying the natural, stiff nature of your deck, siding, trim, etc… This is why typical symptoms include soft, brittle, or decaying wood, often accompanied by a powdery buildup or residue by the infected area.

The most at-risk surfaces include:

  • Fascia
  • Siding
  • Soffits
  • Window frames and sills
  • Deck boards
  • Deck railing, posts, and structure
  • Garage doors
  • …and more

Routine Exterior Painting and Maintenance Is Key

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The very best defense against wood rot is to keep your exterior surfaces well protected with a healthy coating of paint or stain. Far beyond just looking attractive, these coatings help to seal out moisture, prevent premature decay and damage from UV rays, and even close the door to pests.

Thorough annual inspections are a good idea as well, spending time specifically on those points that we listed above. If wood rot does begin to rear its head, you’ll be glad you caught it early. Localized wood repair and replacement isn’t a big deal; rectifying a large-scale problem is an unavoidable expense in many cases.

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