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Can I Paint Over Mold? NJ Painting Tips

Some molds are beneficial, such as Penicillium, which flavors blue cheese and was the first antibiotic! However, most of them are not something we want in our homes, especially if they are growing on the walls. Of course, cleaning is the obvious solution for mold, but what if you wanted to paint anyways; can you paint over mold?

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Water Damage Home Repairs and Restoration in Gloucester Counties

At Cherry Hill Painting, we are passionate about homes. This passion fills our professional painting and remodeling services, but it also extends into the area of water damage repairs and restoration.


Our ultimate goal is to help your home be the very best that it can be, and to perfectly represent your styles and tastes. We also know that home should be a comfortable, safe environment, and that when something unexpected and damaging happens, it can be an unsettling experience to say the least. This is why we are proud to offer restoration services. Read More→

Tips for Keeping the Basement in Your South Jersey Home Dry this Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year, and especially so after a winter like the one we just experienced. Coming out on the other side of it now and watching the snow retreat has been a pleasure!

Unfortunately, however, the refreshing and revitalizing spring brings with it a typically rainy season. And, while on one hand that means those famous May flowers will be coming along, it also means that the chance for increased moisture and flooding in your basement can become a real threat. This issue becomes even more probable if your home is located on a lower point of your property.

With that in mind, we have put together a few tips for keeping your basement dry this spring. Read More→

Water Damage Repair and Restoration in South Jersey

You know, there’s a lot to love about winter, especially if you enjoy outdoor winter sports and activities. There’s also a lot to, well, not love! Especially during this time of year the season begins to drag, and every snow storm is just one too many.

Thanks to the frigid weather we have been “enjoying,” a host of home-related issues can pop up that make a little extra shoveling and snow-blowing feel like a walk in the park. Not the least of these is the disaster that strikes fear into the heart of every homeowner: frozen and bursting pipes! Read More→